Useful habits that will improve your life!

List of habits that uplevel our lives in a BIG way.
Our lives are built on hundreds of tiny habits that we do every day. Whether we even know we’re doing them.

Those habits hurt or help us, and our worlds are a direct reflection of them.

Sure, they are often so small that you don’t notice the impact right away. But over time they make ALL the difference.

Fortunately, we have the power to change bad habits and add superb ones. So, look ahead at this list of good life-changing habits for success. And, let’s ponder the best ways to go forward.
The list is broken down into three categories: healthy, happy, and impactful.

So, jot down your favorites below and brainstorm about those better habits and routines. Then, read on for WHERE to start and HOW to improve your daily habits.

Our health directly impacts our quality of life. No one wants to spend their days SICK and TIRED! Plus, we get one body in this lifetime, so let’s take care of it to the best of our ability.

1. Breathe in fresh air every day. Preferably in nature.

2. Move your body for 30 minutes every day.

3. Prioritize sleep – get those 8 hours! Develop a sleeping ritual

4. Eat a salad.

5. Try a new healthy recipe.

6. Take a walk at lunch.

7. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

8. Stand at your desk. Or get a standing desk or low-cost stability ball.
9. Wear sunscreen.

10. Have a regular dance party.

11. Floss.

12. Stay OUT of the middle aisles at the store. It’s where the majority of processed food lurks! (find more healthy budget ideas HERE)

13. Drink a glass of water when you wake up. Keep it on your nightstand.

14. Cook at home more often (instead of eating out).

15. Take a multi-vitamin or supplements you’re lacking.

16. Reduce or give up soda.

17. Go on a regular evening walk with your pets or family.

18. Park your vehicle farther away.

19. Set up “walk meetings” at work.

20. Join a new workout class for a month.

21. Plan your meals a week in advance. Use this free meal planner printable.

22. Buy smaller plates to eat from (to control portion sizes).

23. Read food labels, and aim for ingredients you can pronounce.

24. Stop eating after dinner.

25. Drink a glass of water before eating.

26. Drink green or herbal tea. Check out fabulous tea options HERE.

27. Try easy substitutions (milk chocolate to dark chocolate, ranch to olive oil dressings, etc.)

28. Cut back or eliminate alcohol and caffeine.

29. Try a new natural beauty product. I LOVE THIS gentle face wash for women.

30. Use essential oils instead of products with artificial ingredients.

*Read this article for 9 basic cleaning recipes using oils.

31. Drink chamomile tea before bed.

32. Find a low sugar smoothie recipe you love.

33. Quit smoking.

34. Make one healthy snack or meal ahead every week.

35. Aim for one extra vegetable in your meal.

36. Straighten your posture.

37. Eat less meat. Try meatless Mondays!
38. Include strength training in your exercise. Building your muscles burns calories while you sit!

39. Make healthy freezer meals for emergencies.

Want more healthy ideas? Check out 23 Crazy Easy Ways to be Healthier in 2022.
No matter what else we do in our lives, if we’re not happy, what’s the point?!

Plus, fulfillment and contentment are completely within our control. So, let’s cultivate those habits that help us enjoy life to the fullest.